Directional and Under Road Boring

Hills to Harbor Plumbing has access to a variety of machines that can provide trenchless pipe or cable installation. With more and more services being installed underground and most surfaces being paved or sealed it can become costly to install new pipe work or cables to existing areas. Horizontal directional boring allows pipework and cable to be installed underground without the need for trenches.

The capacity of the boring machine varies with diameters up to 600mm achievable at lengths of up to 200 metres at a time.

Please call or email us to discuss your project further.

Excavation and Trenching

Hills to Harbor Plumbing owns and operates its own plant and equipment. Trenching and excavation work can be provided as required. We own various sized machines that allow access to a variety of different sites.

These are some of the various excavation and trenching jobs we can complete:

  • Pipework or cable and conduit trenching
  • Septic Tank and effluent trench excavation
  • Soil and debris removed
  • House sites leveled and or cleared
  • Tight access machine to residential yards for excavation/trenching