Chiton Rocks Surf Life Saving Club, South Australia

The existing hot water system at Chiton Rocks Surf Life Saving Club consisted of a 315litre electric hot water unit. This unit was designed to serve the 20 bed dormitory and a 2 bedroom unit along with a commercial kitchen, bar and day visitors who utilize the club during the summer months. With the existing electric hot water unit operating on an off peak heating cycle there was always a limited supply of hot water when a large group of people would use the facilities. This was more evident this year with a growing number of nipper members. It was decided through consultation with the committee and funding from the Bendigo Bank that a bank of gas instantaneous hot water units be installed in line with the existing electric storage unit. This would allow the electric hot water unit to heat during the off peak night time rate and when the water temperature dropped during normal use the gas instantaneous units would operate to boost the water temperature. Alternatively when the club rooms are not in use the electric heater is turned off and the gas water heater is used saving energy costs.

The units used were a Rinnai HD200i piped in series.