Lake Wyangan, Nericon and Tharbogang Pressure Sewer Project

Council sewerage system installation

H2H Plumbing was engaged by Griffith City Council to undertake the installation of a Pressure Sewer System to three villages outside the main township of Griffith – Lake Wyangan, Nericon and Tharbogang.The system comprised of a network of polyethylene piping which was installed by Directional Drilling/Boring technology.Each property was serviced with a Pressure Sewer Pump […]

Apia Sewer Project

sewer installation and design

As part of a group of business from Australia, H2H Plumbing was part of the design, construction and implementation of a Pressure Sewer System to the capital city of Samoa, Apia. Our role included the initial On Property Consultation with each of the property owners, liaising with them and Samoa Water Authority where the Pressure […]

Mallala CWMS Project

Pressure sewer installation

Upon completion of the new Gravity Sewer System to the township of Mallala it was realized that several properties were not going to be able to connect to the system due to insufficient fall. As a result we were engaged to install Pressure Sewer Pump Units to various properties to allow their sewer to be […]

Bodalla Pressure Sewer System

Presser sewer system construction in Griffith NSW

Prior to warranty expiring Council had requested that each of the Pressure Sewer Pump Units installed in the village of Bodalla be inspected and a report made of any defects and or reinstatement required. The Mono pump units installed on this project were found to be operating as per their specification with only minor rectification […]