Schwab Rd Yenda, Raw Water Main Renewal

horizontal directional boring pipeline

H2H Plumbing Griffith was engaged to replace an existing failed Raw Water Pipeline. We used directional drilling/boring technologies to install the pipework without disturbance to the existing communities landscape and driveways. A new lilac striped 125mm polyethylene pipeline was installed along with new fire hydrants, stop valves and water meters to each property.

Recycled Water Project

recycled water system for council

As part of the greater recycled water project for the Adelaide we were engaged to install some stainless steel pipework with valves and metering for different Councils. In addition we connected the polyethylene pipes previously installed and installed hydrants and stop valves as required.

Mallala CWMS Project

Pressure sewer installation

Upon completion of the new Gravity Sewer System to the township of Mallala it was realized that several properties were not going to be able to connect to the system due to insufficient fall. As a result we were engaged to install Pressure Sewer Pump Units to various properties to allow their sewer to be […]

The Villages Sewer Project

H2H Plumbing Griffith NSW Griffith city council pressure sewer systems

As part of The Villages Sewer Project the engineers had determined that the Pressure Sewer System would require a pinch valve to ensure the system stayed flooded and that cleansing velocities would be achieved during normal operation. As a result we supplied and installed a pinch valve assembly with bypass, flow meters and pressure monitoring.

Mallala Recycled Water System

Council recycled water design

As a result of the school connecting to sewer, they lost their ability to treat their own wastewater and irrigate on the school oval. As a result Council was able to provide the school with a recycled water connection to ensure the oval remained irrigated. We were engaged to extend the 90mm polyethylene main to […]

CWMS Pump Station Upgrades

Council Sewer pump station installation

As part of Councils recommendations for their failing sewer network it was determined that new flow meters and valve chambers were required for each of their pump stations. We were engaged to undertake this work along with replacing some of the pump control panels to the same pump stations.

Mallala Primary School Sewer Pump Station

Sewer pump station installation in NSW

In order for the school to make connection to the existing sewer system a packaged pump station was required to installed. We installed a 3000litre Fibreglass tank with 2 x 3 phase Flygt grinder pumps along with a pump control panel with alarm features.

Maude RPZ Valve

Plumber in Griffith NSW

Due to compliance issues with Council and Contractors filling water tankers, Council had arranged for us to supply and install a 80mm RPZ valve to their fill station located remotely from the township of Eudunda.